About Raabta

RAABTA Support Group is a NPO (non profit organization), providing support and counseling in different spheres of lives, where the source of all guidance is ISLAAM.

 Our services can be divided basically into four sections:
 First and foremost is to invite people to the eternal path to success and peace, to enlighten them towards the nucleus of this giant machinery of universe i.e. Allah. For more information on this, visit www.raabta-peace.blogspot.com

 We want to serve humanity by giving them the correct counseling and support in different spheres of life. We will offer you support and counseling in any issue of life, for example: conflict management between spouses, between parents and children, and between other family members, grief and crisis, trauma, when some one is unable to cope with distressing situations, behavior problems in children etc. For more information on this, visit www.raabta-support.blogspot.com

One of the most important goals for RAABTA is to fight against drugs. We have launched an offensive against drugs by educating people about drugs, what signs to watch for if you think some one is addicted to drugs and how to help people with drug problems. For more information on this visit www.raabta-nodrugs.blogspot.com

Under this division of RAABTA we provide support and guidance for the parents of teens and younger children, especially in safeguarding their children from drugs, alcohol, cyber addiction, bullying and other contemporary and moral issues. We also explain Islamic guidelines for parenting, and try to bring families closer to their young. For more information on this visit

Another objective of RAABTA Parenting Support is to create a support network for homeschoolers. In these times of moral turmoil, sometimes homeschooling is the best option to educate the youngsters of this ummah. At the same time we realize the difficulties in opting for homeschooling, so for the convenience of those who have undertaken this challenge, we will try and give all the help and support we can muster. For more information on this visit