Monday, March 1, 2010

What Parents Should Know (part III)


Drug Paraphernalia


SO000850 As well as strange powders, tablets, capsules and other substances, there are various items of drug paraphernalia to look out for. These will depend on what drug is being used, and how it is taken -

  • Incense sticks or room deodorizers to conceal the smell of dagga
  • Plastic bank packets or unidentified packages wrapped in brown paper
  • Unusual pipes or broken off bottlenecks
  • Scorched tinfoil, tinfoil tubes and matchbox covers
  • Syringes and needles1818899
  • Scorched spoons, ligatures and citric acidSO000137
  • Small mirror, razor and strawsvic112
  • Tiny spoons (sometimes ornate) and small containers
  • Cigarette papers and home-made cigarettesvic121
  • Bloodstained cotton wool or other material.

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