Monday, June 8, 2009


RAABTA and CRESCENT OF HOPE were invited by the people of Kimberley for a drug awareness program on 5th and 6th of june, 2009. Various programs were arranged by the kind hosts including lectures at MOGHAL PARK MASJID and MADRASAH. The lectures given by Mr. Rafiq Mayet of crescent of hope, and Mr Ashraf Muhammad of Raabta would soon be made availabe on this blog INSHALLAAH.

The teachers of all the various madaaris had also arranged a poster compitition amongst their students about drug awarness. Hundreds of children participated in the contest and the result was awe inspiring. Following are just a few examples from hundreds of posters thoughtfully designed by the youngsters of Kimberley.

If you are interested in arranging lecture programs about drug awarness in your area, pls contact:
Ashraf Muhammad
073 788 8768

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